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82nd M43 Jacket

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Is this a real M43 airborne jacket which could have been used at Market Garden?





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Ill give you my two cents. I doubt it was in Market Garden. I doubt that jacket was ever worn in combat. It doesnt look like it has ever been lived in or had sweat in it. It looks brand new, never washed. Im not saying it isnt real, but if someone fought it that jacket it would have ware on the elbows and collar and the front from laying prone and getting dirty. Im not expert just my two cents.


RLTW!-Ross Daly




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It is the right jacket, but the thing is the stamp. It's late war (started summer 1944, (so probably not used in Market Garden). I have also noticed the date label is out of the jacket, so you will never know what the exact date is.. Maybe that's why the label isnt there anymore..?

Collector and always interested in (buying):

Named 82nd / 101st airborne

Named IX Troop Carrier

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