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Unsure of Medal... L.G.E?


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Any help is appreciated. I have done image searches and come up with nothing. I can't even find what L.G.E stands for. Assuming it's military related but not 100%.


Thank you in advance.


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Catholic related.Crossed keys used often with a papal connection.Keys to Heaven. No idea on the LGE.







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I would suggest it might be the Ladies of the Golden Eagles. The Knights of the Golden Eagles was a fraternal and beneficial society that had a women's affiliate known was the Ladies of the Golden Eagles. The eagle at the top of the suspension bar and the initials LGE seem to make sense. The lyre could be an officer's jewel.

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Concur on the Ladies of the Golden Eagle. Here's an LGE badge showing a similar angel figure. Many fraternal organizations used badges of office like the ones you show, where the crossed gavels meant an administrative position and the lyre indicates a band/choir leadership position.


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