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Navy Shore Party & Other?

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Another recent pick-up of a (presumably) pre-WW I Navy shore party possibly in the tropics or maybe Central America?


I think it's probably the Philippines … What do you 'all think?


Also, who's the guy wearing the campaign hat … Army … Constabulary ... other?


His hat has some sort of a badge or insignia on it. Does anybody know what it is?


I appreciate the help, & thanks for looking,


World War I Nerd ...




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Well, lets see. They have 1903 rifles and 1906 bayonets so the photo at least post-dates the introduction of those.


It looks like the man in the campaign hat has taken a USN officer's mohair braid and embroidered officers device from a peaked cap and affixed it to his campaign hat. At least thats how it looks to me.


I've never seen that done before, but who knows what was done in far-flung ports of call?




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Off the top of my head, the USN did not adopt the M1903 until 1910-1911. Interesting image!

"It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts."

*Sherlock Holmes in "A Scandal in Bohemia"*


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Agreed. An Navy officers device added to a campaign hat. I will vote Nicaragua 1912

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The crew appears to be in the 'undress' white uniform. Was there not a change to USN uniform regs in 1913 or so authorizing the use of khaki dye on those landing party uniforms.


The petty officer sitting on the flatbed has a rating badge on the right sleeve. Could indicate either seamans branch or a watch mark (stbd or port)


A couple of the sailors have a left arm watch mark/branch mark.


That also changed around 1913 to seamans branch on the right arm and engineroom force on the left arm..

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There appears to be a crossed specialty make. That would make him either a boatswain's mate or gunner's mate. Both would be available for landing party. The sailor just to the left of the officer is wearing a blue flat hat.. Any possibility of making out the ships name across the front of the cap ???

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