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Pearl Harbor Shrapnel from USS Arizona's 16" Guns


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I got these items many years back from a man who worked as a machinist for the US Navy Yard in DC and later in Maryland at the US Navy Ordnance Laboratory.


According to him, the USS Arizona's 16" guns were brought to the DC Navy Yard to be repaired and the shrapnel from the Pearl Harbor attack was removed from the guns. I believe he was part of the crew that removed the shrapnel. He did a little write-up for me to serve as provenance. I also got a copy of his old US Navy Yard ID (he didn't want to part with his ID) and an old western union telegram offering him a job as a machinist at Pearl Harbor in October 1940 which he turned down for the Navy Yard job. Take a look at my other post for the switches a friend of his removed from the V1 and V2 German Wind Tunnel. Very interesting pieces of history!






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Ha! You’re right. I never noticed that.


As I recall, he was in his 80s when I bought these items. He must have forgotten the correct size.

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