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The paper label reads type P1B size small. It seems to me that there was another label on top of it at one time . The webbing label reads type P1B and type P3. There are a few things I find a bit odd about this helmet.

First, as far as I know, The only difference between a P1B helmet and a P3 is the addition of a visor and this helmet appears never to have had one. Second, it lacks the two rivets paralleling the edgeroll above the chin strap on both sides that P helmets have (perhaps because it has no oxygen mask tabs?). Finally, it has three snap tabs on the brow area similar to some HGU 2P helmets used by the SAC.

Any ideas or information would be appreciated..





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The lack of rivets and oxygen mask tabs suggest maybe a P-2. The P-2 was worn with a soft helmet (A-11/AN-H-15 type) underneath, and then later your helmet was modified with P-4 style earphones, and wiring harness... attached with screws through the side of the helmet..?


Just a wag from the pics


The snaps look to be commercial motor cycle visor snaps IMO...and could be wrong...I have not seen that arrangement before


cool early USAF flight helmet


IMO it is hard to nail down the exact type of helmet on some of these early helmets due to the mods happening so quickly...others with more knowledge might chime in

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