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US signed Japanese flag (1344th Engineers vet)

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I've been wanting one of these US signed Japanese flags for quite some time, so when I saw this one was coming up for auction, I decided to throw some bids on it.

The flag appears to have been brought home by Michael B Davy, and he must have had someone fluent in Japanese personalize it for him.

His name and unit are on the right side, with a Japanese translation next to it.

On the left side is a date, November 25th, 1945 and a location, Chofu. It appears this is an area outside of Tokyo.
I was able to locate Mr. Davy's obituary online, as he unfortunately passed away in 2013. After the war he seemed to have served in the US Air Force reserves and was an FBI agent from 1948 to 1972.


The other great thing is the flag is signed by several dozen of his unit members, who signed their name and home town. I can't find too much on this Engineer battalion, but I'll look into some of the names later and see what else I can find.





















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Oh nice one! I would still like to add a GI signed Japanese flag to my collection. I haven't seen signed ones as much as NSDAP flags.



I agree. I really focus on the Pacific theater, and I've noticed way more German flags signed by US soldiers and sailors. I'm just happy I was able to get a nice one with some semi local and verifiable history.

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