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Marine Corps Bugle


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Some one is offering me a Marine Corps Bugle with the case to store it. He is asking $100 for it, I may get him down some more, but would a $100 or less be worth it? think.gif


He said he bought it 30 years ago and that the bugle is all original, mouthpiece, and the case. He says it was made by Frank Holton & Co; Elkhorn Wis. and the bugle is called, The Legionnaire. Any advice on this issue would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


- Jeff



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I would consider that a bugle with a Marine Corps decal on the case. I don't know that the military even used single-valve bugles such as that. It looks pretty tired and from what I have seen of single-valve bugles on ebay it may be worth less than $40.

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