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LBT Medics bag


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From what I understand LBT, The London Bridge Trading Company has made gear for private contractors and SF, JASOC types for over a decade. As best I can tell this bag was made early in the Gulf war. This bag has the the black connections and that is in keeping with the gear issued early in the Gulf war. LBT makes a current issue bag called the LBT-1562B. The "B" has a NSN 6515-01-565-0059 number. It's called a Training Coverage Medical Back Pack. The only difference I can see is the color of the connections is the same as the bag and they added one more strap on the lower outside. The price on these from LBT is stiff. It rules out anyone except opperator's owning these.




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The straps coiled up on the bottom are leg straps that attach to the outside of the bag. I assume this is for a fast line decent. The outside side pockets are for a flash light and scissor's.



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