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WWII US Coast Guard Recruiting Poster - Please Help

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I picked up this framed poster.

Wondering whether it could be original WWII era or not.

It came framed and I cannot remove it.

The thing that to me says reproduction is the size.

It measures approx 10 1/4" X 6.5" (just the poster itself not the frame or matting).

The thing that says to me that it may be an original of some sort is that you can see where it was folded in two places.

I thought who would fold a repro?

THoughts would be appreciated.


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There was a posting somewhere on the forum about a year ago describing the inspection of the poster. Looking under a magnifying glass and seeing just how the pigment/ink is distributed. Is it in little dots or pixellated.. Be worth finding the post, it was very informative about old poster printing..

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I know most of the posters came in different sizes, I know most were folded. I have not seen one this small, but that doesn't mean that they didn't have them. Can you get a macro close up -or better yet under loupe shot of the printing? That might tell us something more solid.

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