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What ribbons are these? (WWII Navy ca.1941)

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I'm fairly certain the one on the right is an American Defense Ribbon.

The one in the middle I can't figure out if that is an arrowhead or a star.







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I'm not sure what ribbon it would be but since it appears to be a Navy uniform...I would say it is a star.

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Showing the entire photo would provide more context. The type of rate and any hashmarks could rule-out some ribbons and narrow down the likely candidates. For example, the first ribbon looks like it could be a 2nd Nicaraguan Campaign Medal, but if the full portrait shows this to be a WW2 era rate and there are no hashmarks, the 2nd Nic Medal would be ruled-out.




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Thanks for the replies so far.


So this is WWII, he was a Radioman in the US Navy for the full duration of the war.


I have his records, with several of the original documents. I used those to get his medals which were never issued. He received:


European-African Middle Eastern Campaign

American Campaign

Asiatic Pacific (though strangely based on what ships he served on and when, I can't determine that he should have received this award.)

American Defense

Good Conduct

WWII Victory Medal


They included the following with the medals:

Combat Action Ribbon

Honorable Discharge lapel pin

Honorable Service lapel pin.



I'm putting all of this in a shadow box including a Radioman Class 2 patch that I bought, a couple of English coins he had in a tie tac box, and there was even a St. Christopher medal with his initials with his initials and Bishop Choi, though curiously Choi wasn't a bishop until the 50s. So I don't know how he came into possession of that.


I'm trying to determine what his ribbons are so that I can acquire and include those in the box.

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I know it seems like it should be straight-forward, but his military records don't list many of those awards. I was surprised that they included what they did because I was only expecting the one. I'm trying to be absolutely certain that I don't include a ribbon in the shadowbox that he didn't earn because this is a Christmas gift for my mother.





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