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1879 Artillery Officers frock coat

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Here is another piece from my collection. This is a very nice example of an 1879 pattern Artillery Officers double breasted frock coat. The coat has eagle buttons with the A in the center of the shield that are backmarked Shannon, Miller, and Crane. The bottom 2 bottoms were replaced with NYSA Excelsior buttons. This coat is in exceptional condition with some earlier aspects being the polished green satin quilted lining, a interior waist cinch belt and the hidden tail pockets. The coat can be identified as post Civil War by the short skirt and the "stove pipe" sleeves which are 8" at the elbow and 5.5" at the cuff. This style coat is distinguished from the 1872 pattern frock by the lack of the horizantal bullion strips and buttons on the cuffs. This pattern frock coat, I believe, was used until around 1902 when the new regulations came out. If anybody knows where I can get a set of shoulder knots and a dress sword belt for this coat I would greatly appreciate it. Please let me know what you think.





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