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1884/85 Pattern Great Coat of Captain William H Goff

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Hello again all. I really enjoy collecting history, but one of the greatest thrills for me is to share with others. I am so thrilled to have purchased this 1884/85 model great coat of Captain William H Goff direct from the family. William Goff served during the Civil War where he obtained the rank of Sergeant. As Sergeant he was at Libby Prison and was on duty the night Dick Turber escaped. There is a website that has transcribed his Civil War letters, unfortunately they had already been sold by the time I bought the great coat. In 1887 he helped found company I of the 5th regiment of the Massachusetts Volunteer Militia. He was elected captain and held that rank for 9 years. After being discharged as Captain he went to work as an assistant inspector with the rank of Major for another 4 years. Major Goff was also an avid building contractor in Attleboro Massachusetts and helped found their first Building codes. I find his story incredible, I wish I was able to obtain his 1895 Undress Blouse at the time but somebody beat me to it. Anyway I hope you all enjoy.




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