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Japanese flag from Iwo Jima

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Just picked this flag up today at the Raleigh Military Show. It's a fairly large flag, it has been framed for a very long time and the seller said he got it from a closed down American Legion in Alabama. On the back of the frame, there is faint pencil writing but it says, Ned P. Hobbs, Army Air Force, Iwo Jima. Is there anyone on here that could possibly translate the flag?






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The kanji at the top of this Hinomaru Yosegaki says something like "everlasting fortune in battle". War era Japanese reads from right to left (usually), and this is reversed, I believe. Most likely many of the kanji around the flag are names of well wishers, or other patriotic slogan. I have two of these (tho' not from Iwo!) and got them translated at the Japan Forum, link below. You may have to join, but it is free. As it is a Japanese forum, be very respectful in how you communicate. Good luck, I got a lot of help with mine.








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The bottom line is, it is written with a bunch of well wishes from the family, close friends or teachers of the member. I have a very ornate flag like that one that's completely filled out and my brother who lives in Tokyo, and sister in law (Japanese) translated it for me.


Some of the kanji characters aren't used in common day Japanese language anymore, so they are a bit tough to translate. My flag belonged to a man with the last name of Tanaka, and my brother stated it was like looking for a Smith in America!


Nice flag!

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Terrific flag - really like that a lot.



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