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"1V" Vanguard USAF Pilot wings, full size


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Hi Guys,
after a quite long pause due to family and work I'm back collecting wings.
A few days ago I picked up this pair of wings by Vanguard.
Not so scarce I know, but it's my first "1V" Vanguard wing.
This hallmark should be from late 1950's to early 1960's, is it right?

Wings are full size and pin opens at 180°.

Thank you for looking!

All the best





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Tomcatter, welcome back to the dark side of human despair and suffering... er... I mean the hobby of wing collecting.


Yes, I think you are correct, the 1V hallmark it probably late 50's or so until about the mid 60's. I used to know (more or less) the exact dates that the Institute of Heraldry incorporated the various alphanumeric codes. But I can't recall when they were, exactly.


Nice wing though.

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