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Here's mention of the Freedom Bowl games.






And this.


Pacific Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - August 1, 1963, Tokyo, Japan• ? _' VDv 1HE STARS AND STMKS I Ex-Mainz Gridder Making Switch to Career as Official GARMISCH, Germany (S&S) — There will be some new faces among those officials working the 1963 USAREUR football games, arid one will be Johnny Kai — a coach turned referee. Kai is familiar to football fans in Europe as the little rock-ribbed center for the Mainz Troopers in the 1959-61 era. Last year he en- tered the coaching field and di- rected the 8th Inf Div Pathfinders to an impressive early season 3-1 record before he was suddenly re- lieved of his duties. Now Kai, who is in his fifth year in the Army, has turned to officiatirg with the purpose of un- derstanding the game much bet- ter. 'Good Background' "Eventually I'll go back into coaching again — but I want to get a good background in officiat- ing which will help me in my coaching," Kai said. "When I go back into coaching, it won't be as a head

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