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Yes! Draftees did serve and did die.............

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but so many times the stating of, it was a draftee war or a black-American war, etc, has come up over and over. The facts are, it was everybody's war and not just one branch, one race or draftee/regular Army, NG/Reservist. When it comes to the Vietnam War, people who were not there should keep their so called "facts" and opinions to themselves!!!! Big problem in this country now, people THINK they know it all when actually they don't know jack crap.














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Thanks for that, truly. I was at a dinner a few years ago and some blowhard was going on about how LBJ drained the ghettos to get troops for Vietnam. I didnt engage for civilitys sake. Also, he was from Texas (and proud of it by god), and experience has taught me you cant correct a Texan about anything.

By the way, I volunteered for the draft and have never lived in a ghetto.


11th ACR, HHT Scouts, Vietnam 1969-70

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Thank you for serving gentleman! No other tag needs to be added other than they served and they died leaving behind those who cared for them.

"There is no such thing as an expert, only students with different levels of education."

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