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Slide show USAF Fire Island Alaska 1955

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Bob Hudson

Fire Island, Alaska is no longer occupied, but in the 1950's it was the home of the 626th Airborne Control and Warning Squadron. They had a small civilian aircraft and a flying club so some of these slides were taken from the air:



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Bob Hudson

Always neat to see these types of older pictures. Thanks for posting them.




Scanned Kodachrome slides like these can provide some nice sharp details you just don't see in the low-res photos in books and gives a new perspective on things.

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I was stationed at Nome AK the 626th AC & W Sqdn Sight in 1952-53. First to Operate from there. (Anvil Mountain.

Today it is clear of all structures. I can not fine any information abou this site. I don't beleave 626th on Fire  Island

was inoperation then. But a radio relay site next the Army ski hill (east of Anchorage) was where I began my dutes

as an radio repairman befor moving bthe Nome.

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