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Equipment used by Army Airforce Engineers during WW2

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What types of construction equipment would have units with the AAF used to build airfields and other bases during WW2? I have seen some of the equipment at Dayton like the little Clark dozer and tractor. I haven't seen a topic on these or if there is direct me too it .






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Equipment would depend on theater of operations, as airfields/runways could be as primitive as crushed coral and rocks by locals with hand tools to poured concrete...

Try looking for info on the AlCan highway, built in the early 40s by the Army...I recall seeing a lot of pics of US Army heavy equipment...most likely the same equipment ....

One that I always read about is the D7 Cat dozer




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I would say any equipment used in road building at the time would be used. Bulldozers, scrapers, dump trucks, road graders, excavators, rollers, etc. Google it and lots of photos come up.





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My Dad was Aviation Engineer in Italy, lots of pics of PSP, taxi ways, runways and drainage ditches as well as equipment. 21st Regt. had no cab graders. Somehow the Brits got closed cab graders through lend lease. 21st " obtained" a Brit grader in N. Africa, shipped to Foggia and used during bad weather. Dad said one day a Brit A/C circled their field, landed and a Brit Col. and Major walked to grader with paperwork. They repo-ed grader.

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