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Possible PT Boat or Torpedo Propeller?

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Hello, so a local estate auction appeared on my radar recently but doesn't happen for another week or so. It seems the man was a PT Vet from WWII as his uniform and a few other pieces of militaria are included in the auction. The auction has a lot of other non-military sea-related paraphernalia including two of these brass propellers. The ad says each is made of brass and around 18" in diameter. I don't really know anything in regards to PT or Torpedo specifications, but in the wild possibility that he brought these back from the service somehow, I would want to make sure I pick them up. If anyone can identify or point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it.



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This is what I found regarding the propeller.


The propeller was 28" diameter and 28" pitch and turned clockwise when looking from aft, it had a tapered fit and a keyway onto a 2" diameter propshaft.




Dia: 28", Pitch: 28", Developed area: 420.6 square inches, MWR (Mean Width Ratio): 0.42, BTF (Blade Thickness Fraction): Variable (.061), Pitch Ratio: 1.0, Weight of Prop and Hub: 61 LBS, WR² (inertia in air) LB. IN²: 2754.76

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Salvage Sailor

That looks like a small boat propeller, torpedoes have a much larger shaft. Most US PT boats I'm familiar with had three bladed props, not four. If you knew what PT boat he was on you could nail down the type of boat (Elco, Higgins, etc)


Photo, Higgins 78' propellers

78' Higgins PT Boat.jpg

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