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27th series Type 99 still in GI shipping crate (98th division vet)


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Bought myself another Type 99 in a shipping crate. Unfortunately the rifle in this one is nothing special, but the crate is from a town about an hour west of me, which is very neat. Has a nice tag still attached to it from when the crate went through Buffalo, NY.

My brief research on the vet shows he joined in 1945 and was part of the 98th Division, 390th Infantry Regiment. This division was initially sent to garrison Hawaii and in 1945 was being trained for Operation Olympic, the invasion of Kyūshū, which never came to be. As a result the division missed active combat and only took part in the occupation. They were stationed in Osaka, Japan until February 1946.

The 27th TJK included in the crate is rough. Most mismatch, with the internals missing, the bayonet lug seems to have fallen off, and the stock may be lightly redone, as there is no chatter on the wrist. As is usual, the crate itself is more interesting.

This cost me $185 and a 4 hour round trip. Auction house was one of the nicest I've ever dealt with, and I happened to arrive about 5 minutes before this item came up, which meant I was in and about after about 15 minutes.




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I think those type 99 Arisakas are neat rifles. I have 2 that my grandfather sent home when he was on occupation duty. No crate but I do have the paperwork when they came through customs. The mums are ground off both of course and I also have 2 bayonets and sheaths (one leather and the other metal). All the serial numbers match on one but not the other. One had been sold by my grandpa to a neighbor many years ago and that guy sporterized it. It was recently returned to me as the other guys son didnt want it and knew it came from my grandfather. I have RCBS dies and actually reload and shoot it. Its in beautiful condition and was obviously made early because the blueing is wonderful, its polished, and the weld glob on the safety knob at the back of the bolt is machined. The other rifle is all original condition and most likely a later production (last ditch) as the finish is very rough and unfinished. They both have a lot of character and Im proud to own them... I just wish I had the crates like you. Awesome buy!



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I just love those crates! Congrats on another cool find.


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M24 Chaffee

Cool display pieces!





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Very nice - what a great crate. I'm also a fan of Type 99's. You've really got a knack for coming up with shipping crates.

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Awesome piece of history. I always keep my eye out for shipping crate bring backs and this one is high quality. I think it was well worth the 4 hour drive!



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Very cool bringback!

Looking for any WWII 104th "Timberwolf" Division items.

Including items from the 413th, 414th, and 415th Infantry Regiments 104th Recon Troop, 329th Engineer Battalion, 329th Medical Battalion

385th, 386th, 387th, and 929th Field Artillery Battalions 804th Ordnance Company 104th Quartermaster Company 104th Signal Company

555th Anti-Aircraft Battalion, 750th Tank Battalion 692nd Tank Destroyer Battalion 817th Tank Destroyer Battalion



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Thanks guys. This is a nice one to me as it has local history. I have another one from Buffalo, NY which is about an hour and a half from where I live. This makes 4 crated bring backs I own, but I have a 5th on the way next week hopefully. I'll post that when it comes.

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Simon Lerenfort

I cannot believe you got it for that price! Amazing. What a great find at a fantastic price. Well worth your car trip.

WW2 Battlefield Relics Virtual Museum:

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