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My small Revolutionary War display

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Ive been looking into putting together a small Revolutionary War display to go along with my WWII and Civil War collection. I found a few items to realize my idea.

The musket ball display is described in the Riker box they came in. The 2 buttons - on the left, a USA Continental Army enlisted mans button, on the right, a British 71st Regiment of Foot, Frasers Highlanders button. I added a W. Britains Continental Army soldier and a 71st Highlander soldier to round out the display.

Ive been getting back to reading and discovering more of the history of that conflict and I enjoy having a few articles that were there. I live near many of the important battlefields. Ill include a better photo (from the sellers website) of the USA buttons front and back. I hope to see more Rev War items from other collectors in this forum. Dunmore1774 just posted his fine musket!


Thanks for looking,





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Nice little display! I've always wanted to make small displays for both revolutionary and Civil war to go next to my WW2 collection. Some day when I get the extra money,bi would like to get a Brown Bess and a M1860 rifle for the displays.


Well done.



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Great display. I especially like the buttons. I can appreciate the historic nature of the musket balls, but buttons have more of an eye appeal.





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Very nice!

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