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Grunt " april 1966"

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Bonjour , Hi


I schow you my "grunt" enlisted in april 66 , all is correct era , between novembre 65 to april 66 , only the t -chirt olive green is DSA 100...............76 , yes ,its really hard to fine for find , i think is impossible to find one OG t-chirt whith DSA 100 no date code, for fiscal year 66 , otherwise , the M16 is an Colt M16A1, 613, export model ,no US property stamp, i have change handguard and buttstock , tree prong flash hider and remove a fence around a button of magasin , the twenty roud magasine is correct stamp , only 223 stamp.

Jungle and trouser is second pattern (october 65 contrat date for jacket), boots , october 65 , helmet is a Mc cord 51/58 (,unused), bottle of insect repellent is april 66 , cover DSA100........etc .


see you soon .







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Many thank's.


You live in Belgium?, i go to Arlon for gun show , for keep some item in AMS stand,( vietnam war era)


Bye and have nice day

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