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report before / after stavelot (Belgium) 30th division infantery 1944

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Good evening,

my name is jérôme I live in Belgium (Liège) I realized this reportage photos on one of my places of work it is about the city of stavelot (Province of Liège) in 1944 the 1st panzer SS kampfgruppe Peiper will attack he will stand against the 30th DI who will defend Stavelot with great courage!

at the same time I want to thank the American people for the liberation of my region.


here are the photos:







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Thank you !


besides it misses one which I add following some research photos I managed to find the place where this German soldier was shot the place at the time was a parking for the vehicles of the 30th DI .





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Thank you for sharing these! You live in a beautiful province; despite the horrors witnessed in these small towns I was amazed by the friendliness of the people and beauty of the region when I had the chance to visit and see where my forebears fought. Belgium is a lovely country and the Ardennes is amazing.

Always looking for medic helmets, 30th Infantry Division/Brigade items, and TOW missile items.







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I used to live at 27 Val du Prince Kraainem in Flanders.


In 1963 they were building new houses and I found helmets, bayonets and live grenades.


When my father came home from work I was in the street trying to break open a clump of rust.


He realized right away that I was throwing a grenade against the street.


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