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What WWII vehicle is this oil filter assembly from?


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I'm nearly positive this is from a military vehicle but the online photos I found aren't exact. This oil filter assembly was dug during a volunteer weekend for our museum and we are trying to positively identify if. Can someone tell what vehicle it is from exactly? Could someone provide pictures of it installed? It is close to a Jeep but this has 90 degree elbows and the jeeps I saw didn't have this.


Thanks so much!




(Camp Butner Society and Museum-curator)post-3373-0-11567800-1525123094_thumb.jpeg

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I think what you have is an oil filter housing from off of something like a 1930s-40s Chrysler. The top usually has a fitting for the oil to enter the filter, and the bottom usually has one elbow fitting to return the oil that has been passed through the filter, and one plug. I don't know what application yours was off of to have two elbows on the bottom.

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