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USMC Field Medical Service School guidon

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Just as the title says, an original government issue USMC guidon for the FMSS. Marine guidons are quite hard to find, only airforce ones being harder to locate. Most tend to be in rough shape. This one has torn mounting loops, which is why I guess it was pulled from service and given as a presentation piece of some sort.


I like guidon flags. They're my bag, baby.

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I have a rather unique guidon flag or banner from WW II. It came from the personal belongings of a young (19 years) Marine who was killed in the invasion of Tarawa. He was in the first wave, was wounded, transported back to ship hospital and died the same day. He was buried at sea the next day. On the banner is written "Foxton, New Zealand Manuvers, Sept. 9, 1943 to Sept. 19, 1943. His unit is Co."K", 3rd Bat, 8th Marines, 1st Platoon. Included on the banner are the autographs of 36 Marines of Co. K. A total of 7 of those named Marines died at Tarawa, including the owner of the banner. The banner is about 6 feet in length. Foxton was one of the training centers that had been set up for the Marines. It was bout 60 miles from headquarters and those Marines went to Foxton in a forced march.

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