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Unknown US bag or pack modern ?

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I have this rubberized pack that seems to be a GWOT era item. It has robust straps and hooks that appear to be for airborne use. There is a section with a stenciled rifle serial number. Does anyone know the nomenclature and use of this pack?


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hello.. that bag you have is a USAF ML-3 long range survival kit container...most likely from the 1950's but could have been used into the 60's ,70's..it was carried in air transports,air cargo and early bombers of that time...the serial number was for the survival rifle either an M-4 or M-6 rifle both in .22 hornet...because of it's size it could carry a lot of survival equipment etc. and could be secured to the parachute harness of a crewman on bailout..vince g.11B Inf.

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