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Japanese bring-back flag / 24th Infantry Division, Luzon island, Philippines ~


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Hello All,


I've tried to do some research via Google, but wasn't able to really find the answer that I was looking for. So in addition to being a Spoil of War topic, this is really an Order of Battle question/thread. Hope that some much smarter Member than me can help me out.


I have a "souvenired" Japanese flag (probably state or civil, more so than military?), that came from the veteran's son, PFC Rudolf C. Bacher (named prominently on the top half of the flag). The flag has listed on it, all the members of "F" Company, 21st Inf. Regiment, 24th Infantry Division. In speaking with the son of the veteran, he indicated to me that his father took the flag in Bataan, Luzon, Philippines islands. (Whether specifically from Bataan Peninsula, or the very general region around Bataan, I don't know.) Is there a way, based on Order of Battle, to determine if the "story" matches reality, at least in theory? My research does indicate that the 24th Division did see operations on Luzon (Batangas / Nasugbu regions), and Corregidor island. I'm not sure if elements were in Bataan???


At any rate, based on the member roster hand printed on this flag, is there a way to tie this specific Company to an exact time period or location?


Thanks in advance.








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