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Service pilot wings


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I found these in a group of insignia I picked up this past weekend and am skeptical about them. The back has me the most concerned because I don't know if that's the sin of it being a reproduction/recast or if this was someone's sloppy way of adding the clutch backs. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!





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Look like a cast copy to me of an Amcraft pattern wing. It almost looks like someone made an impression of the face of a wing, and then poured molten metal into the impression. I don't even know if that is possible, but if it were this is what I would envision you would get. The extra metal spans what should be the open gaps between the shield and the shoulders.

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Thank you for the information! Is there any market for something like is?

No. Somebody might buy it for a filler until a good one comes along, but they are almost worthless.

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