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WWII small squad cook stove operation

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Fairly straight forward setup...the seal around the 5 gallon can had a few drops but nothing harmful..
initial startup, the burner flared until it warmed up and then I was able to adjust the heat by adding more or less fuel...generally I kept the flow at a very fast drip, almost a steady stream, you could see the individual drops through the flow meter..

Only real advice is to have a long Bic style lighter on hand, if a windy day the flame could blow out until the burner is warmed, and a longer lighter makes it safer to ignite...
and use Coleman fuel versus gasoline...the stove pipe is eye level and the gas exhaust was not pleasant to breathe...coleman fuel might burn cleaner??


I was hesitant to fire the stove, because it had been stored, but never fired,, all items were in not used, though not all were period.
The stove itself is dated 1945 and 1944...some of the inner components are 60s dated...so I figured there is no monetary loss in firing it up...and it was educational and fun..
would make for cooking soups or similar style meals...but not for frying eggs and bacon... or maybe I did not get it hot enough...the grid closest to the burner was the hottest...of course...


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Takes a lot of practice, we had 10+ of these back in the 80's. Tried out the most complete one, not to bad. Try a M-37 and this, WWII cooks knew how to make these work. And then there are the immersion heaters......

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