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Pile of M9 Bayonets, Numbers 1, 2 and 3.

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I bought a pile of M9 knives pretty reasonably priced and am probably going to put them on my table at the next militaria show here in Arizona in May. I think some of them are commemorative pieces, some are civilian and a few are actual military issue. I think I'd like to keep one and wanted to get some input as to what I have here. Like I said, I got into them very reasonably priced so don't be afraid to tell me if some are absolute drek. If I get more than $20 a piece I am coming out ahead so no worries there.

The first three are in this post.


#1 is marked M9 LanCay USA on the matte silver blade, no other markings that I see. Plastic sheath is marked LANCAY beneath a sharpening stone on the reverse. Civilian model?

#2 is marked M9 Lan-Cay USA on the black blade, marked Lan Cay on the pommel. Plastic sheath marked Lan-Cay on reverse, no sharpening stone. Military issue?

#3 is marked M9 UTILITY on one side of the black bland US on the other side. Plastic sheath marked US below sharpening stone on the reverse. Fantasy piece?


post-2661-0-58038400-1522383008.jpg post-2661-0-01963300-1522383034_thumb.jpg




Always looking for Purple Hearts issued to New York men or any WWI Purple Hearts for 27th Division and 77th Division men.

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Nice batch of M9s.

No. 1 is a first contract LanCay with gray blade similar to the Phrobis III blades, but without the fuller.

No. 2 is likely a US contract M9, but the Lan-Cay on the pommel makes me less likely to say for sure. I believe the marked pommel was used on later Lan-Cay M9s with the ergo handle Not to forget that these modular systems can be switched around to anything you want.

No. 3 is strictly commercial, however the M9 Utility is collectable because they only made 900 of these. If it had a black handle and black sheath, it would be worth even more since they only made 100 of those.


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I agree with Marv. I'm thinking the latch on 3 was replaced. Also the sheath on 1 would normally have the screwdriver on the cutter assembly on the bottom pointing down, also could have been changed at depot.


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