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Children of the Confederacy

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Children of the Confederacy


The Children of the Confederacy is an auxiliary of the United Daughters of the Confederacy consisting of young people from infancy through the General Convention after their eighteenth birthday who are descendants of men or women who honorably served the Confederate States of America in the Army, Navy or Civil capacity.

[They] also seek:
  • To honor and perpetuate the memory and deeds of high principles of the men and women of the Confederacy.
  • To observe properly all Confederate Memorial Days.
  • To strengthen the ties of friendship among members of the Organization.
  • To serve society through civic affairs and to perpetuate National patriotism as our ancestors once defended their beliefs.

Below is a Children of the Confederacy Chapter President badge.



The badge is marked STERLING and bears a makers mark which I cannot quite make out.




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This is the first one of these badges I have seen. I had no idea this organization even existed. Well done!

"You can't please everyone so you have got to please yourself." Ricky Nelson



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