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KC-97G Stratofreighter Diner

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This is great! Using a refueling tanker as a restaurant seems fitting. I always get sick seeing videos of those old planes getting chopped into scrap. I hope it's a success so that others will do the same thing.




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That's a great idea. Also nice that they plan to keep the plane as original as possible. I'd eat there too and it should be easily the best 'air plane' food around.......... ^_^



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Well that's cool, but it's already been done in Denver:




This KC-97L was here in Texas for many years, parked outside Carswell AFB at the now long closed Southwest Aerospace Museum. I have some photos somewhere but they aren't digital. I was sad to see 283 leave (along with the B-36) but at least they weren't scrapped like the B-52D when the museum closed. A buddy who worked for Lockheed at the time watched them destroy the B-52 on his lunch break...



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That's a neat way to repurpose that old bird.I would like to eat in the cockpit area for the great view :)

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Was reading some info on this ship, it served with the USAF at first and then went over to the TX ANG before it was retired to the boneyard.

KC-97G-24-BO S/N 52-2604


Ill def have to head up to CLE to try that when it opens.


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