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William DAUTEL jr army serial number 33807988


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Hello guys

Iam looking for contact with his family;-)

I kNow that I have some family who moves to USA in early 20th century or late 19 th.

We have the same name . William DAUTEL .

And I would like to know more info about him , iam from Belgium and William fought in Belgium , in a tank destroyer battalion and iam pretty sure that he was in my town in september 44.

Hope you can help me to find his family :-)

He was from Pennsylvania but born in Maryland. Serial army number 33807988


In advance thank you


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This is from his obituary. Search on the names Donna Leithmann and Lois Abbott (or their children using both last names). I'd start with a facebook search. General internet search will likely show something from public records.

He is survived by two daughters, Donna Leithmann, wife of the late Joseph, and Lois Abbott, wife of William; five grandchildren, Bonnie of West Virginia, Laurie of Arizona, Susan (Sam) of Gilbertsville, Kim (Mike) of Lansdale, and Bill (Courtney) of Conshocken; and two great-grandchildren, Samantha and Parker.

Bill was a U.S. Army veteran, having served in World War II. He saw action in Belgium, Germany and France in the Tank Destroyer Unit. After the war ended, he was an escort for General Eisenhower and Charles DeGaulle.



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Thanks I found

Ms Lois DAUTEL Abbott on Facebook hope she will reply :-)

I will let you know if I can earn more info :-)

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