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USGI 30 round carbine mags?

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I was thinking the packaging and labeling seemed a little contrived. No big deal. I picked up four of the mags and a bunch of parts for cheap. Hopefully the mags will function correctly. Thanks for the input guys!




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Someone trying to make more money off some repro 30's.


FWIW the current manufactured Korean mags both the 15 and 30 rounders are VERY good magazines.


They are a little but heavier than USGI and I have several and have never had an hiccoughs with them.


I've had USGI fresh out of the wax paper (and freshly cleaned) with feeding issues from bent lips during storage.


Of course I've had many issues with those unmarked repro 30's like everyone else has.


In my mind it's not a bad idea to collect the USGI mags and shoot with the new Korean mags.

"If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking."


George S. Patton

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