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The passing of Anthony C. Acevedo, WWII POW and Holocaust witness

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This story came into my Facebook feed, and tells of Anthony C. Acevedo. He was a WWII medic who was captured at the Battle of Bulge, and then later sent along with other "undesirable" US POW's to a slave labor camp. He risked his life to keep a dairy and documented the deaths of other US servicemen as well as the harsh treatment the survivors endured. He is the only Hispanic American registered as a Holocaust survivor.


His story, along with the other GI's who lived through this hell did not come out until 2008.


This story has content that is quite disturbing.




Gil Burket
Omaha, NE
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of the Vietnam War



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Thank you for sharing this, I just happened to be reading about him this morning in the book "Given Up For Dead" by Flint Whitlock, which tells his story and other Americans in the Nazi concentration camp at Berga. The man was a true hero, may he rest in peace.

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