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Opinions on this set - the bayonet has a serial# of 397

WWII US Johnson bayonet with leather scabbard. Serial number 397.
Blade Length: 7 3/4"
Overall Length: 12"



thx for your help










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From the pictures, the bayonet and scabbard look real good. Whenever you find a Johnson bayonet that is numbered, you can be sure that the bayonet is a real Johnson bayonet and not a reproduction. The numbered bayonets were used by the Dutch. An un-numbered Johnson bayonet (if real) is the one sought after due to their use by the US Marines. Because of that, all of the fakes are un-numbered. I take it that the scabbard is un-numbered? I sort of thought you had a bayonet and scabbard with matching numbers, based on the second line of your post. I liked seeing the little cut or break at the tip of the scabbard. It shows use. Most real scabbards are bent at the tip. The fake scabbards are too straight and too wide at the tip. Your second picture of the scabbard shows a wider tip, but I don't think that is an issue in your case since, for example, the underside of the rivet holding the "button" inside the retaining strap looks correct with good patina indicating a real scabbard. Anyone reading this can correct me if I am in error. Thanks for showing us.


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Here's a pic of a common FAKE. Most notably is the large rivet. Real ones are domed, not having squared off edges. Also the split retaining spring strap is not close enough to the end of the bayonet. This bayonet is on ebay right now, if you want to see more.



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