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First Light (2010)

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'First Light' is a BBC television movie from 2010 based on the diary of Squadron Leader (then Pilot Officer) Geoffrey Wellum, who joined 92 Squadron RAF in the early days of the Battle of Britain and flew a Spitfire for the first time at 18 years of age. There are some documentary shots with the real Geoffrey Wellum as storyteller, with actor Sam Heughan portraying the young Geoffrey.


I discovered this movie by coincidence and I think it was very, very good. Real Spitfires were used in filming and the flying scenes were absolutely terrific, with only a relatively low amount of CGI involved. Acting was fine and some historical imperfections easy to dismiss (like the use of Buchon Messerschmitt 109's) and some others less easy to dismiss (like the use of a CMP with 13 cab as background in about half of the scenes). Overall I enjoyed this movie very much, and I would certainly recommend watching it if you can find it.




More info at https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1653661/?ref_=nv_sr_2


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Read the book and movie was just as good, sometimes good movies does not have to have big time actors

or a big bucks to be good. just my 2 cents

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Sam Heughan is a pretty good actor. Currently he has one of the main roles in the TV series 'Outlander'.

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