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Field made combat knife?

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The blade looks like it was made from a WW2 machete, one of the makers who had that rough finish on their M1942s. Also looking at the blade width for that guess. As far as the initials "TSR", no clue other than the owner, or the guy who fabricated it. SKIP

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IMO, it seems like a lot of work to modify the machete to take that type of handle. Of the modified machetes I have ; the handle was not changed much, if at all. Note all the metal that would have to be removed and then the tang would probably not be that stout for such a blade. Just thinking................

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Couple more pics. I believe the scabbard is completely hand made and not a rework. The blade is pretty hefty and has had a lot of work done to it to turn it into a spear point. Maybe from some kind of bolo if not a machete?



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I believe the shape of the tang precludes it from being made from a machete. Machetes did not have round tangs and the work to "create öne would be a case of "more trouble than it is worth'. to do this. Much easier ways to make a knife.

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