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VF-35 | Fighting Squadron 35 | Disney design


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VF-35 | Fighting Squadron 35

28 Jan 1943 Established as VGF-35
1 Mar 1943 Redesigned as VF-35
19 Nov 1945 Disestablished


Aircraft: 1943-1944 | F6F-3

1944-1945 | F6F-5

Three cruises on CVE-28 USS Chenango as part of CVEG-35
Cruise 1: November 1943 - February 1944
Cruise 2: July 1944 - August 1944
Cruise 3: October 1944 - November 1944


Embroidered on wool. Design by Walt Disney Studios. Two varieties below.





Carrier Air Group 35 (CVEG-35) included VF-35, flying the F6F-3 and F6F-5 Hellcat, and VT-35 the SBD-5 Dauntless, TBF-1 Avenger, TBF-1C Avenger, TBM-1C Avenger.


Steaming from San Diego on 13 January 1944, Chenango supported the invasion landings on Roi, Kwajalein and Eniwetok in the Marshalls operation. After protecting the service group refueling fleet units engaged in the Palau strikes, Chenango arrived at Espiritu Santo on 7 April. She sortied for the landings at Aitape and Hollandia (currently known as Jayapura) (16 April–12 May), then joined Task Group 53.7 (TG 53.7) for the invasion of the Marianas. Her planes crippled airfield installations, sank enemy shipping, and hammered harbor facilities on Pagan Island, as well as conducting valuable photographic reconnaissance on Guam. From 8 July, she joined in daily poundings of Guam, preparing for the island's invasion. She returned to Manus on 13 August to replenish and conduct training.
USS Chenango underway in 1944.

From 10–29 September, Chenango joined in the neutralization of enemy airfields in the Halmaheras in support of the invasion of Morotai, stepping-stone to the Philippines. After preparations at Manus, Chenango cleared on 12 October to conduct softening up strikes on Leyte in preparation for the invasion landings on 20 October. Chenango, and her sister ship Sangamon, were attacked by three Japanese planes on the afternoon of D-Day, and shot down them all, capturing one of the pilots. Sailing to Morotai to load new aircraft, Chenango was not in action waters during the Battle of Leyte Gulf, but returned on 28 October to provide replacement aircraft to her victorious sister escort carriers, who had held the Japanese fleet off from Leyte.


Further discussion on this unit, here.



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Rick for some reason that is one that is extremely hard to find.As always thanks for posting those two beauties.Scottty

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The Iron Brigade

Another wonderful thread Rick. Even if you don't collect aviation patches, I highly recommend Rick's threads to all forum members.

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