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Dumb Mistakes

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I seriously screwed up. Turns out that whink seems to remove the finish off of hardware. Oops... The only consolation is that I didn't try it on all the clips on my M1936 suspenders. Does anyone have a good way to remove rust off of hardware without screwing up the finish?



Also, cleaning up random stains off of leggings?

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You might try vinegar? I'm not sure how it would react with the finish but I've used it to remove rust from things before though admittedly never military items.

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Once rusts starts on a blued or oxidized surface like your hardware,it is hard to save. The finish is a "rust process"oxidation in a controlled manner.In some cases,0000 steel wool soaked in oil and lightly rubbed will remove the red rust flakes and leave what is left of the original finish if you do not rub to hard. You may be able to restore some of the black with an oxide concentrate after you clean it up. You can get this at Caswell Plating.

Good luck








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