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Daks over Normandy June 2019

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D-Day History

June the 6th 1944. Without a doubt one of the most important dates in modern history.

It marks the date on which almost 160.000 Allied troops stormed the Normandy beaches to start the liberation of Western-Europe. The assault was preceded by 24.000 troops who parachuted in or came by glider. The most important aircraft to support the airborne assault was formed by over 800 Douglas C-47 Skytrains (Dakotas). These winged work horses carried the brunt of all men into battle across the English Channel and may well be called the Unsung Heroes. In June 2019 the D-Day Invasion will see her 75th commemoration. It will most probably be the very last large commemoration of this historic day.




The Event

June 2019 provides us with the very last opportunity to organize Daks over Normandy and to honor those who have paid so much to liberate Europe. Daks over Normandy will be a once in a lifetime event. The skies over the United Kingdom and Normandy, France will be filled with Douglas DC-3/C-47 Dakotas and hundreds of Paratroopers. For the first time since World War II will this many of these magnificent aircraft be assembled in the very place where they saw their finest hour. From 2 to 9 June 2019 over thirty DC-3/C-47s will come together. Their owners and operators fly them in from all over the Globe. From Scandinavia, The Netherlands and the rest of Europe, from Canada and the United States and even from as far away as Australia. All for what may well prove the very last time. Just so everyone can watch paratroopers jump over Normandy once more and admire these wonderful aircraft on the ground and in the air, where they belong.


The Daks over Normandy event is held in two locations: from 2 to 5 June at Duxford Airfield in the United Kingdom and from 5 to 9 June at Caen Carpiquet Airport in Normandy, France! Both locations where carefully chosen because of their facilities and their infrastructure and because of their World War II heritage.


On 5 June 2019 we will follow into the footsteps of the Greatest Generation! About 250 men and women will board the aircraft in the United Kingdom to, exactly like 75 years before, fly across the English Channel and to jump into the historic drop zones of Normandy. They will be wearing WWII style Allied uniforms and will jump military round parachutes. It will be an event which has no equal. History in the making. Again! Just like in 1944.


During the Airport open days everyone can come, see and touch the aircraft up, close and personal. They will be open so you can take a look inside. They will fly so you can see them in their natural element. And the paratroopers in their WW2 style uniforms will jump and will prepare for their jumps amongst the aircraft. At the air market you can find and buy your hearts delight in all kinds of aviation related items. It will all be a sight to behold, creating unique photo opportunities and a wonderful day out for each and every one.



WW2 Battlefield Relics Virtual Museum:

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Absolutely wonderful. I'm planning to be over there next year and if I am, I'm not going to miss this! Great website too!



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Simply amazing.

Looking for the following:

452nd and 447th Bomb Group items

Anything 12th Armored- especially uniforms

155th Assault Helicopter Company, Camp Coryell, or Ban Me Thuot Vietnam items[/center]

WWII US Navy Uniforms from the Battle Off Samar: USS Johnston DD-557, USS Hoel DD-553, USS Samuel B. Roberts DE-413, USS Heermann DD-532, USS Dennis DE-405, USS John C. Butler DE-339, USS Raymond DE-341, USS Fanshaw Bay St. Lo, White Plains, Kalinin Bay, Kitkun Bay and Gambier Bay...


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Reporting from Day 1 of DAKS over Normandy 2019 at the former RAF and USAF airbase, now Imperial War Museum, Duxford in Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom.


Unfortunately, just like in 1944, the June weather has proved to be uncooperative and the parachutists were unable to stage the mass practise jump on the airfield. But some of the C47 / Dakotas were able to take to the sky for some individual and small formation flying displays. The parachutists also geared up for their team photographs with the planes.


Back tomorrow for the mass C47 departure for Normandy, where fingers crossed, the parachutists will make their mass drop on what was the D-Day Drop Zone (DZ) of the British Army airborne at Ranville in France. Good Luck to the guys and girls involved!


Meanwhile, here are some pictures to enjoy:


post-166956-0-92838600-1559675496_thumb.jpg post-166956-0-43679400-1559675556_thumb.jpg


Parachutists and public were able to get up close to and inside some of the C47. These guys were from an American parachutists team especially over from the USA and all were former US Army or USMC military paratroopers.




Parachutists fully geared up for team photographs. My understand is all jumps are made 'clean' of equipment to avoid unnecessary hang-ups or injuries.




Some of the many C47 at Duxford for the DAKS over Normandy event, of which there were many more in military colours and Invasion Stripes and even more in the liveries of civilian airlines.




C47 That's All Brother taxi'ing out for one of the display flights.

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I'm fortunate enough to know the owners of one of the planes participating, if you have a chance stop by and say hello to Joe Anderson & The Spirit of Benovia.

Here's some info about this particular plane; https://benoviawinery.com/d-day-commemoration

After the Normandy they will be heading to Germany to commemorate the 70th Anniversary of the Berlin Airlift.




Bob Davis
Secretary, Arizona Chapter, The Orders and Medals Research Society
ASMIC Member #5364, OVMS Member #11939
US Army Infantry 2001-2009, OIF/OEF Veteran


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Reporting from Day 2 of DAKS over Normandy 2019 at the former RAF and USAF airbase, now Imperial War Museum, Duxford in Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom.


Weather today was a vast improvement on Day 1, with clear skies and a reported 2 knot windspeed at the DZ in France. My understanding from chatting with the Parachutists is that the DZ was moved from Ranville to a location about 8 miles South (I didn't catch the name) and there were an expected 60,000 spectators awaiting them.


In total 21 C-47 departed from Duxford for France, with a couple of aircraft sadly grounded with mechanical problems.


Pictures from todays action below. Unfortunately due to my method of photography there are no aerial shots of the aircraft, as I couldn't do them justice (and I was too busy actually watching what was going on!).


I cannot find a link to any reporting of the DAKS drop in France yet, but judging by the UK national news reporting of the WWII airborne veterans who were successfully jumped in on tandem rigs with the British Parachute Regiment 'Red Devils' display team, it would suggest a good jump was made by all.


Congratulations to all involved in the planning and participating in DAKS over Normandy 2019!



post-166956-0-74906900-1559774882_thumb.jpg post-166956-0-47001400-1559775137_thumb.jpg


Morning of Day 2 DAKS over Normandy 2019 found the Parachutist teams outside the Duxford 'Air Space' hangar practising their airplane exit drills in anticipation of the main jump into France this evening





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Last minute DZ briefing for a mixed Jump Stick of British and American ex-military airborne Parachutists prior to them boarding the C-47 D-Day Doll, which the guys were pretty pleased to have as their particular aircraft



Finally, it was my great honour to meet two WWII Parachute Regiment paratroopers today - one a 93 year old veteran of Operation VARSITY and another a 96 year old veteran of Operation MARKET GARDEN, who is also the last living WWII British Pathfinder of the 21st Independent Parachute Company. Truly humbling.




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Quick update for the DAKS over Normandy 2019 event with a couple of videos I found on YouTube, including the Parachutists drop into Sannerville on the evening of 5th June 2019.


Neither of these videos are mine, so credit to the YouTubers (I don't know them either!) Dik Bol for the DZ footage and Jim Sheach for a wonderful edit of the Jump Sticks loading up and the C-47's departing former RAF / USAAF Duxford, England.


DAKS Parachutists loading into their C-47


DAKS Parachute Drop



Congratulations to the Parachutists on their fantastic memorial jump!



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