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Buck WILSON Mini Buckmaster 184 Knife

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I remember seeing these for sale all around the Ft Bragg area. The screws that are reversed on the guard were supposed to be used as a grappling hook in conjunction with a line tied through the hole in that extension on the pommel. I can't recall anyone I knew who bought one. Only 200 made seems kind of small for that line of Buck knives, but I really have no clue as too how many they would have produced. I don't recall seeing that scabbard at all. Could be thinking of the larger version. SKIP

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Just learned something! I knew Buck had produced the full sized version, but never heard of a a miniature variation, and never heard of Wilson knives. Cool! Learning never ends. SKIP

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I have one of these. I think I got it in the PX in Germany in 1989. I was trying to collect miniature German daggers

at the time and purchased it for no good reason. It goes well with the US miniature swords I have made in Germany in

the 1920's and 1930's.


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