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USS Intrepid Ships Detachment Marine with Purple Heart

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Great grouping! Please let me know if you ever decide to part with it.

Contact me at: benlevinsohn@gmail.com

I collect a little bit of everything, Civil War - WWII. Very interested in valor groups, especially those that include KIA Purple Hearts. Also interested in unique homefront items.

In honor of my great-uncle, Lt. Arnold M. Bree, killed in a B-24 accident in the skies over Italy, January 30, 1945:



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I received Jacksons records.

It states he suffered a compound fracture to the left ulna and shrapnel to the left arm.

He received a letter of Commendation for performance of duty under fire on May 1, 1945.

His MOS is listed as AA MG crewman 8/12 Q606.


He was also disciplined two separate times. Once for negligently discharging an M1 rifle while being relieved at a sentry post.

The other for being under the influence of An intoxicating liquor and thereby incapacitated for the proper performance of duty.

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