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USCG LORAN Long Range Navigation and Comm Station patches

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USCG LORAN FESEC 1962 (10th Year) - Far East Section


Yokota, Okinawa, Hokkaido, Iwo Jima, Marcus


In 1952 the Coast Guard established the Far East Section (FESEC) at Yokota Air Base in Fussa‐ shi, Japan. This office was tasked with the overall control of all LORAN units in the area. The increased air and sea traffic caused by the Korean War had resulted in the need for better LORAN coverage, so a new station was built at Pusan, South Korea. It went on air on 5 January 1953. This new station worked in conjunction with eight other stations in the region to provide invaluable navigational assistance to the United Nations forces engaged in the war. These LORAN units constituted the largest permanent Coast Guard presence in the area



USCG FAR EAST SECTION (FESEC) - Building 651, Fuchu Air Station, Japan http://www.loran-history.info/Far_East_Section/Far_East_Section.htm

USCG Far East Section 001.jpg

USCG Far East Section 002.jpg

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