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Looking for details on US Navy Mark IV (4) life preserver vest


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Hello...I am hoping to find someone who can show pictures of the area beneath the folded up "flaps" on the front of this Mark IV life vest...I have been told they conceal the inflators...I am trying to fabricate a replica for a US Navy Mark IV high altitude flight suit that I am also fabricating...any help would be much appreciated...


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homerj...thank you!!!

I was never notified of your reply and these great photos!

So thankful...do you have any further info? how did you come to own it?

By any chance any info or photos on the Mark iv flight suit?


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Glad to help out. I don't own the life preserver. I work for NAVAIR at Pax River and this is hanging on the wall in one of our labs. I just took it down and snapped some pics. I don't really know much about it. I'll take a look around and see if we have one of the flight suits.

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