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WWII Jungle Field Equipment


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Close-up of the date.


Are you sure that's the right one for the jungle pack?

​There are three sizes, clothing/sleeping bag bag, jungle pack liner, and food bag. The larger one will slip into the Field Pack but when placed in the jungle bag the circumference isn't right.

Maybe robin can place the three sizes side by side for reference.

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I'm sure it's the "medium" sized bag. The bottom diameter is smaller than the waterproof clothing bags and this will fit into a jungle pack easily.



Excellent,​ thanks for the clarification. I had a couple and didn't recall how or if they were marked. I just knew it was important to note that there was a specific sized waterproof liner for the jungle pack. The all more common "large" fits nicely in the big brother of the jungle pack, the Field Pack.

​Thanks to everyone that have contributed items, it makes if fun.

I suppose now all we are missing is the M1 jungle medical role.

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Thanks Dustin,

I had a suspicion when I found that example on what it might be for. The size, date, and Lt. OD color made me think 'jungle pack'.


Can post the jungle FA roll and tree climbers tomorrow.

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Jungle First Aid kit. One by MSA and the other is a Davis. The MSA is complete while the Davis would hold the same items yet I'm still missing the Frasure's Solution.

I'll let QMJones post his tree climbers. My camera battery is dead.






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