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Vietnam field pack and ammo bandoliers?

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I just picked these up. Any idea what type/ era this pack is? I cant make out the markings


Also, I'm assuming the 5.56 bandolier is Vietnam era and the M2 ball is earlier? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!



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THe 30 cal bandolier Garand(8 rd clips).Typically when you see the stamps they have been repacked or inspected and marked.


The other is the VN era 5.56


Both are Lake City production lots


The pack is the M45 upper.Often seen for post WW2-Korea use.You need the suspenders for it to carry it properly

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bottom one reads:


5.56 MM




Bottom bandolier is for 30 rd mags. you load the ammo from the strippers into the mags, pull the white string out and it hold 4X30 rd


The earlier one had 2X 10 rd strippers per pocket, the deeper one carried 3X 10 rd strippers per pocket

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The pack is an M 1944 converted to M 1945 standards . The old quick release tabs under shovel tie down on lower front and center lower rear are the telltale signs of this. Shpuld be a tab on either side of pack as well. Check under upper flap equipment flap for a date.

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