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More info about G-1 Flight Jacket Cooper Sportswear


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I received this jacket from a local veteran. He told me that he had bought it sometime ago at a military supply store. He was going to wear it on his motorcycle but he never did. He paid $50 for it. He wanted me to look into selling it for him but I am unsure of the age and value of it. I have done some basic research but I feel like I am reading the same articles and I am not gaining anymore knowledge. If you could lend some advice or information about this piece I would be greatly appreciative!


It also has USN hole punched beside the zipper towards the bottom.

It does have a name patch on the front attached by Velcro. It had a name but it was marked out but below it says SRA USAF.

The tags do say its shell 100% Genuine Goatskin Leather, lining is 100% nylon, collar 100% acrylic and the Knit is 100% wool.



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