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Question about German manufactured radio equipment


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Hi All,

I recently had the opportunity to purchase a RT-77A/ANGRC-9. Ill try to post a few pics of it this weekend. Im trying now to locate some of the accessories. I would like to get the GN-58 generator to display with it. Ive run across these generators manufactured by telefunken. Were the German ones ever used by the US Army? I dont want to waste my money on one that is technically not correct for the radio. I look forward to hearing from members with more knowledge than me on this subject.

Thanks in advance,


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I forgot to take a photo of the radio before I took it for display at my town museum, but here is one I borrowed from the internet. Its virtually the same condition except I dont have any of the accessories yet.


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Hue Miller

German GRC-9  were not usef by any U.S. service. Why would they be ? 

BTW, i noticed the Hoffman built set has a diifferent style antenna adjust knob , a skirted knob. Also i noticed that some makes have a much clearer receiver dial, the lens has less distortion and the numbers seem clearer and easier to read.

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