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Need an ID For a couple of Unit Crest

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Top left is 63rd Infantry Regiment (mabuhay)


See page 298 here https://books.google.com/books?id=DG_aXyiWgGYC&q=298#v=onepage&q&f=false



Interesting, this is the authorized DI for the 63rd Infantry, approved in 1951. So we take it this one with the crest and motto scroll is a Korean made type, made and locally approved when the 6th Infantry Division, which the 63rd Infantry was in was on occupation duty in Korea post VJ-Day?

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The 63rd Infantry was a pretty good outfit in WWII


Assigned to the 6th Infantry Division, and activated at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri 1 June 1941. Inactivated 10 January 1949 in Korea. Activated 4 October 1950 at Fort Ord, California. Inactivated 3 April 1956 at Fort Ord. Campaign streamers

World War II

  • New Guinea
  • Luzon (with arrowhead)


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